Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quick Thought on Health

The other day, I hiked up Barr Trail to Barr Camp to help haul some trash down (and get a free goody as well).  It was beautiful day for and enjoyable hike.  I started out in downtown Manitou Springs and a large of people were out as well enjoying the weather. When it is nice outside, everyone tries to get outside around here.  However, I noticed some conflicting behaviors that just reflect our view on health.

The first behavior was of man who just finished coming down after ascending the famous incline.  He was breathing heavy and looked happy to be done.  He walked over to the side of the building by the trees and looked poised to celebrate his accomplishment.  He did just that by lighting up a cigarette! 

The next behavior was from a group of women at an organic food restaurant.   I observed this group of six or so not so fit women buy salads for lunch.  The salads are actually very good and do not have any added junk.   Just when I thought things were looking up, they all clamored over to the bakery section (I thought they were going to knock me over) and excitedly ordered the sugary deserts for later.  This reminds me of when I used to work with clients who told me, "All I had was a "salad."  “What else did you have and what did you put on the salad” was my next questions.  

Both of these situations are a reflection of our countries' view on health that; "I earned this by exercising hard" and "eating well."  The first man finished the incline and celebrated with one of the unhealthiest things.  However, it is okay because he worked hard (and just wiped that out with one cigarette).  The women ordered salads, so I guess the sugary deserts are okay.  If I am good, then I am allowed to "cheat".  This is why health is a difficult thing for many in this country.  You do not earn health you work on healthy habits.

What do you think?

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